Hollande: “france defends no special interests”

The french prasident makes only selfless reason for the opening of the war in mali

France has at least achieved together with the malische army first military successes in mali. According to fights, where 100 islamists should have been killed, but also a french helicopter pilot died, the islamists from the provincial city of konna, 700 km north of the capital bamako, should have been expelled again. Also used were fighters of the type mirage and F1 from chad. Which goal has the intervention in the country in which a militar coach chased the other, is not quite clear. Democracy is probably not as the french prasident claims, probably mainly about the stability of a state power, which is friendly to the west opposite and the islamists.

A french lieutenant said the city will be completely controlled again. Above the number of dead, especially whether including civilians, there is also ambiguity as it is about which groups the islamist campers have accused. In addition to al-qaeda in the islamic maghreb, north also control the groups ansar dine and mujao, which have returned the tuareg. According to the french minister of defense jean-yves le drian on friday, the french pilot was worn at an attack on an islamist force, which had moved further to suden. You have "several terrorist units" destroyed and stopped your advance.


The dream of controlled automobilization

The dream of controlled automobilization

A breadwriter in the instrument panel of a truck. Image: archive kienzle argo taxi international gmbh

60 years ago, a general borderline obligation for commercial vehicles was prescribed to the "disciplinaryness of the german road users" to meet

With the mass-engineered society, not only the idea of individual travel and freedom of movement, but also negative concomitants such as jams, exhaust gases, traffic invigilations in the city and high accidental and accident victims. This development was already in the rule of rule of the federal republic. At that time, like today, the policy tried to counteract the strong regulation. Thus, for commercial vehicles 60 years ago, a general bidding obligation. With this controller – a kind of black box for vehicles – the vision of a technological solution of modern traffic problems was associated over decades. What showed effect in the commercial vehicle area, but could not prevail for the car area.


Failed digitization: “we could have ended the pandemic in the first wave”

Failed digitalization:'wir hatten die pandemie in der ersten welle beenden konnen'

Rafael laguna de la vera and irene bertschek. Screenshot: TP

Expert commission on research and innovation draws a corona conclusion and presents its wish list to the next federal government

Since 2006 there has been a "commission of experts on research and innovation", the EFI. Its six members from different fields of science have changed since then – but their annual reports have so far all gone to the same chancellor, as EFI spokeswoman irene bertschek noted yesterday at the public presentation of the latest report, which angela merkel has already been reading since 24. February is available.


Indischer luftangriff auf terrorcamp in pakistan

Indischer luftangriff auf terrorcamp in pakistan

Parade der indischen air force. Bild (2016): sanalmalhotra / CC BY-SA 4.0

Wieder kocht der konflikt zwischen indien und pakistan hoch. Indien preist den angriff, pakistan spielt ihn herunter

While U.S. President donald trump travels to vietnam to meet again with north korean dictator kim jong-un instead of organizing regime change as he did in venezuela, the situation between the nuclear powers pakistan and india is just critical again. That trump will achieve much in talks with kim is hardly likely, as nuclear weapons are the north korean regime’s guarantee of survival and will remain so for the time being. The action against venezuela will strengthen kim’s resolve.


Economic refugee saakashvili becomes governor of odessa

Former georgian president mikhail saakashvili is on georgia’s wanted list for corruption. But ukrainian president poroshenko needs it urgently

Former georgian president mikhail saakashvili was appointed as the new governor of odessa region by ukrainian president petro poroshenko in odessa oblast administration on saturday. Saakashvili succeeds igor palitsa, who died on 6 december. May 2014, four days after the pogrom in the odessa trade union house (the odessa tragedy), was appointed by the verkhovna rada as governor of the black sea region.

economic refugee saakashvili becomes governor of odessa

Ukrainian president poroshenko appoints ex-president saakashvili, who has been prosecuted in georgia, as governor of odessa. Picture: president.Gov.A.O


Caution: police officers wearing camera helmets

The police in great britain are equipped with camera helmets, as they improve law enforcement and have a preventive effect

The british home office has announced that it will provide police officers with portable camera helmets. 4.5 million euros are to be invested to make the helmets, which cost 2.Cost 500 euros to buy. This means that all police officers will not yet receive the camera helmets, the footage of which is hoped to bring about significant improvements in law enforcement, because they will "indisputable evidence" provide.

According to the ministry of interior, the cameras will record everything in sound and image that the police officer wearing the helmet sees and hears. This would make it much more difficult for criminals, "misleading juries about what really happened". Field tests had shown that camera phones not only led to greater success in prosecution and conviction, but also relieved police officers of paperwork. In addition, police officers no longer had to spend as much time as witnesses in court. Compared to hand-held video cameras, camera helmets had significant advantages: you can just let them record everything and not miss the switch-on, both hands remain free and the view is not obstructed.


130.000-Man manover with russian, chinese and indian soldiers

130,000 man manobever with Russian, Chinese and Indian soldiers

Image: russian defense ministry

The aim of the military "TSENTR 2019" is the "fight against international terrorism" and the "keeping military safety with regard to the strategic direction of central asia"

In russia, the militar manovers focus each year on one of the four military cords: zapad (west), wostok (east), kavkaz (suden) and tsentr (center). At the current ubung tsentr 2019 take nearly 130.000 soldiers significantly less part than the 300.000, which were involved in wostok 2018 last year (cf. Russia and china demonstrate cooperation with massive militarubulation). The participants not only come from russia and china, but from six other states: india, pakistan, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan and uzbekistan.


Closed mouth and neutral expression

The portrait photos for the new british passports, which are to enable biometric facial recognition, must express the seriousness required for the fight against terrorism

This is roughly how we learned how ID pictures have to look: look into the camera, head slightly tilted so that an ear – uncovered by hair – can be seen, no reflections, no color cast, good illumination, the whole face must be visible. There is no rule as to what expression the face should have, but usually people adopt a more or less serious attitude when confronted with the authorities’ gaze.

So not!


Einstein alone to house

The crausle of space time should be found by distributed computing

With seti @ home should be found auberdirdische. That’s not possible yet, but the gross success of the idea has now stimulated new astronomical projects.

With seti @ home, the interconnection of idle computing capacities has become known via the internet: tasks, for the enormous computing services are necessary – whether the search of radiotelescopes received from radio telescopes according to the possible signals of auberrandish, analyzing proteins or the search of prime numbers : thousands of usual pcs are a gross calculator in performance. Anyone who can undermine computing power and wants, serves a software that will tape as a screensaver in working breaks, for example. Every few days, the calculation result is sent to the control center of the service and picked up a new data packet.


How much homeland can politics take?

How much home can politics take?

Konigssee from the painter’s corner. Image: bobak ha’eri / CC BY 3.0

Post-election discussions: gruns argue over homeland and hip left pits young against old

The shock of the established parties over the growth of the afd is over. Now they are adjusting their discourse accordingly, d.H. To the right. In the CDU and the CSU, everyone emphasizes that they now want to accentuate the conservative side more strongly again. After all, CSU leader seehofer has shown how right-wing discourse can be used to strengthen the afd. He has constantly called for a ceiling on the number of refugees, which is not compatible with the basic law.